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A solid bedtime routine is a girl's best friend. If I had to recommend one thing to improve your overall health and wellness and beauty it would be improve your sleep. Lack of sleep and poor sleep quality will literally age you and shorten your life span. In order to help prepare your body and brain for sleep, you need a solid bedtime routine. It's So important. Our brains love routine and predictability and you can trigger your brain to recognize “oh we are winding down now” mode. I love my bed and sleep and created a pretty solid bedtime routine years and years ago. You do NOT want to be around me if I’m not sleeping well. This is...

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How to easily look SLIMMER

Regardless of your body shape or type, we all strive to look longer and leaner than what we actually are. IF that’s something you like to see in the mirror, here’s some super easy tips to effortlessly achieve that look. Define your waist. Smoke and mirrors people. Defining your waist, is an instant way to look thinner. It creates an illusion that you have more of an hourglass figure with curves in the right places even if you don’t. Think high waisted pants with structured fabric, tuck a corner of you shirt or a light sweater to show a peak of your waistband and belt. Shapewear is awesome for creating this silhouette, too. I really love belts lower on my...

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CLASSIC JEWELRY: Pearls have been around forever, but they are just as popular today. Here's why.

Looking to attract good luck and wealth in 2024? Who isn’t, right! Well, get out your pearls, ladies. Pearls represent purity, but also good luck and good fortune. Because they are a gift from nature they are like snowflakes, no two are exactly alike. Just like us! “Pearls are always appropriate." - Jackie Kennedy Whether you’re wearing subtle and minimal or bold statement pieces, the colour of pearls enhance every skin tone, hair colour and eye colour. Pearls in the summer? Gorgeous with a little tan. In the winter, they play up your winter whites and are just as beautiful. They have been around forever, but they are just as popular today. And recently, men have been stealing the look! Celebrities...

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