CLASSIC JEWELRY: Pearls have been around forever, but they are just as popular today. Here's why.

My have three every day pearl pieces
Looking to attract good luck and wealth in 2024? Who isn’t, right! Well, get out your pearls, ladies.
Pearls represent purity, but also good luck and good fortune. Because they are a gift from nature they are like snowflakes, no two are exactly alike. Just like us!

“Pearls are always appropriate." - Jackie Kennedy

Beautiful photo of Jackie Kennedy in Pearls

Whether you’re wearing subtle and minimal or bold statement pieces, the colour of pearls enhance every skin tone, hair colour and eye colour. Pearls in the summer? Gorgeous with a little tan. In the winter, they play up your winter whites and are just as beautiful.

They have been around forever, but they are just as popular today. And recently, men have been stealing the look! Celebrities like Harry Styles, Pharrell Williams, Justin Bieber, and even Elton John have made fashion statements wearing pearls. Last week, the clerk at a store here in Sherwood Park had both a pearl necklace and pearl bracelet. Of course, I grilled the guy like a reporter! Where did you get them, how often do you where them, do your friends where them too?. He said he never took them off. Smart young guy.

(Harry Styles in Pearls)

Harry Styles in Pearls

I personally have always loved pearls and have tons of pearl strands, earrings and pearl accented jewelry. Kate Spade would be my favourite designer for affordable pearl jewelry with Stella and Dot a close runner up. I have shoes with pearls on them. Ha ha ha ha

They are so classic and so beautiful but can take some getting used to if you have never been a pearl wearer. Get familiar with them, get comfortable in them and then add them to any damn outfit you want - think white shirt and jeans.

Beautiful White Shirt and Large Pearls

If pearls are totally foreign to you but you have an old box with a strand of pearls in your drawer, I recommend getting them out and putting them on. Wear them to bed. Let them warm up from your skin, touch them often and fall in love with them.

Some pieces I wear allllll the time:

A classic single pearl on silver, gold or rose gold. Subtle and gorgeous. There's something about this simple pearl that is just wow. I have it in Rose Gold but really want it in yellow gold too. It pops on any skin tone. Get your here:

Single Pearl Necklace

Single pearl necklace

Gorgeous Pearl Hoops are a must. Such a different take on the classic hoop. Timeless and cute! The clasp is tight and you will never loose these. I've had mine for years and not tarnished one bit! Get yours here:

Hoop Pearl Earrings

Pearl Hoops

Pearl Hoops

And lastly, pearl drop earrings. So comfortable you can sleep in them. So sexy yet feminine. These are the perfect size with a small dangle. Love, love, love. Super dressed up or to the gym. Totally up to you. Get yours here:

Drop Pearl Earrings

Drop Pearl Earrings

Drop Pearl Earrings

Run don't walk to your jewelry box and pull out all your old pearl jewelry! And again, WEAR-THEM-TO-BED. You'll even sleep better. ;-)

Cheers ~ Patricia, xo  💋


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