How we work in plant friendly ways


The Middle-Aged Groove, wherever possible, follows socially responsible practices of made to order, limiting waste and efficient shipping. We try to offer eco-friendly and sustainable items as an option. Most items are made on demand and specifically for you. We’re happy to be part of the fashion and product industries that are making changes to protect the climate from harm. The goal is to provide a less wasteful way of production.


Every purchase, big or small, has a footprint. With each purchase, you have a choice. You choose the size of the mark to leave on the planet, and we want to help you choose wisely. Around 85% of all textiles produced by the fashion industry end up in landfills, making it a major contributor to environmental damage. One in every five garments reaches a landfill without being worn even once. By choosing print-on-demand, you choose apparel that's created only as the order is placed, creating less fabric waste than conventional manufacturing.


Where possible, The Middle-Aged Groove uses packaging made of post-consumer recycled plastics. The goal is to increase recycled content to 90%–100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic packaging for apparel products shipped to you.

As an alternative to virgin plastic bags (or, plastic bags created without any recycled materials), PCR packaging protects products just as well and looks almost identical. Plus, choosing PCR packaging is the right thing to do. When you produce items using recycled materials it saves virgin resources and requires less energy, minimizing the environmental impact plastic has on our planet.


Reducing fashion waste is going to be an ongoing process for manufacturers as well as consumers. By choosing products that are made on-demand, you make a choice that helps the world.


Please email to make sure your order qualifies for a return for store credit & further instructions, and for any other customer service inquiries, or to chat about a custom order. We'd love to hear your ideas.