CLASSIC TREND : Monochromatic Dressing

Monochromatic Dressing for the gym
We know when we look good, don’t we? Whether it’s new jeans or a new haircut, feeling confident is often tied directly to how we feel about what we are wearing or how we think we look.

If you’re looking for a boost to your fashion confidence, or if you need to look exceptionally stylish for an event, a date, or an important work thing, I have you covered!

Coordinate a monochrome outfit.
Monochromatic dressing in beige
It might feel a little weird at first. Too matchy-matchy. But stay with me, here. Dressing in all one colour (including different shades of the same colour) creates a seamless effect. The absence of a color break from top to bottom allows the eye to take in your entire ensemble without stopping. This creates the illusion of strength and even added height. Instantly you look styled and put-together. Coordinating your ensemble's shades gives the impression of fashion-know-how.
To a casual outfit, it adds a layer of elevation for even the most casual of clothes. Think hoodie, leggings, sneakers and fanny bag.

Once you build some monochrome staples in your closet, you can easily create low-effort, fashion forward (and super chic) outfits.
Think for a minute of the Royal Family. Ahhhhhh. Right?!

They have long embraced monochromatic dressing to convey wealth and power. Take a look at Queen Letizia of Spain in spectacular Barbie Pink. Wow.

Queen Letizia of Spain in Barbie Pink
This statement dressing takes time to build, for sure. AND if it feels like a little too much for you, start small with a matching jacket and pants, or sweater and blouse and go from there.

A few more beautiful examples:
Monochromatic Dressing In Pink
Monochromatic Dressing In Green
Monochromatic Dressing In Red
Trust me. You’ll feel like a million bucks while looking like a million bucks and NOT breaking the bank. 🫳 🎤

Patricia, xo💋

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